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diaryland: entry for 2002-06-01 (20:50)
In which our plucky young hero is lucky he didn't say any of this out loud.

Uncharitable thoughts I have had today:

1. "Wait, does that girl really have on shorts that say Bootylicious just above the curve where her butt meets her legs? My god, she does. Well, at least she didn't have a child with her."

2. "They say that putting a muzzle on children is cruel, but I bet if we convinced them it was a game they'd really get into it."

3. "You're allowed to keep a pig as a pet inside the city limits? Maybe the shorts are a req-- oh, it's a fat man doing some gardening."

4. "The next time I'm in this store, I'm going to take my sixty dollars and shove it down your throat, Mister Clerk, because that seems to be the only way you'll notice I want to give it to you."

5. "Does every video game store in this city have its phasers set to suck, or did I just arrive on a bad day?"

So since I still don't have it, anyone want to buy me this?

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