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diaryland: entry for 2002-05-07 (13:50)
In which our plucky young hero needs to be awake for this stuff.

You know how sometimes the answers to problems come to you in a dream? Well, it happens to me too. They just happen to be wrong answers.

I was in math class (being taught, for some reason, by Andre the Giant) and was assigned the following word problem:

A very lazy milkman has 60 houses on his route. On his first day on the job, he only delivers milk to 20 houses before quitting for the day. His manager begins harassing him to do his job properly, but it is a slow process. Every day after the first, he delivers milk to 20 houses, plus half as many houses as he delivered to the previous day. On what day will the milkman finally deliver milk to all 60 houses?

I did all the math, double-checked the figures, verified it on my calculator, and found that every single day, the milkman would deliver to five more houses than he did the day before. Therefore, he gets to all 60 houses on day 9.

And since I got an A+ in the class, that was obviously the right answer.

Except it's not! And I'm such a geek that the first thing I did upon waking up was say "Wait, that's not right" and work out the real answer.

Which I'm not going to share. Do your own damn homework.

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