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diaryland: entry for 2002-04-27 (15:34)
In which our plucky young hero promises a change in the weather.

I know I've been quiet for almost two weeks now. It's been a really weird set of days, lately. (Stock phrase #1: "weird set of days." This is the weird set of days. As opposed to the Star Wars set of days, which would presumably include a Monday I wished I owned a lightsaber and that Thursday I blew up the Death Star.)

Been working hard on most of the moneywork, while the funwork has been left behind in a pile of sad, neglected dust. (Yes, the dust is sad. Don't ask how I know. I just do.) It's been good in some ways: days that I work are days that I don't particularly want to go out on little day trips that lead to me coming home much poorer and carrying a shopping bag full of cooking accoutrements. It's been bad in some ways: those little day trips are normally when I end up buying my groceries, so I haven't been cooking all that much.

I've been neglecting this little nook because, all in all, I've been having few thoughts that can be expanded to a 100- to 500-word diary entry, and I really don't want to subject you to eighteen entries in a row that get expanded to "Television sucks." Never let it be said I don't do anything for you.

But things are changing. It is almost March, which means that spring is now only one and a half months away. And in spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of daily journal entries.

Or something like that. I did mention I've been working a lot, right?

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