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diaryland: entry for 2002-04-03 (18:43)
In which our plucky young hero needs, uh, an occupation.

Last night's dreamscape: I'm at some sort of outdoor improv comedy festival, when they start a new game called Jehovah. One of the troupe is designated to be God, who secretly decides on some weird fact about the "universe" of the other improv players and can say no to anything they do and make them do it over if it violates the universal law. The audience and players have to guess what the law is.

Aside from the blasphemous name, I think this might not be a bad improv game.

Oh, and I also ended up contributing a theme sentence for the game, which everyone found too awkward. They laughed at me, and then used someone else's suggestion of "grass is not for eating." Being laughed at in my own damned dreams is just another reason why I never volunteer anymore.

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