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diaryland: entry for 2002-03-25 (01:07)
In which our plucky young hero spared you all that.

I haven't had anything to say for a whole week now. It's been strictly routine this week: wake up, stay in bed, get out of bed, shower and such, do some work, watch Simpsons, do some work, watch some other teevee show, read Plastic, do some work, eat, sleep.

You'll notice the lack of "have human contact" and "leave the house" in the preceding paragraph.

Trust me, I'm starting to notice it too.

I'll try to be more exciting. I don't owe it to you (in fact, I don't owe you anything, unless you're my family, in which case I remind you how horrible it would be to bring your own kinfolk to court over such a trifling amount of money) but I owe it to myself.

If it gets above freezing later this week, I might just dance outside. And slip on some particularly slick patch of slush and break a limb. So probably I won't dance.

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