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diaryland: entry for 2002-02-17 (21:46:00)
In which our plucky young hero defends the indefensible.

Why do I no longer really follow Salon that closely? I tripped over one reason last week while I was searching for something on the site:

Next, [Britney Spears] was queried about her cover of "I Love Rock and Roll." "I just love the song," she enthused. "I love Pat Benatar, and I just think she's amazing. It's like she's a rock 'n' roll chick and she's just having a good time and it's a very empowering song."

It was, of course, Joan Jett who recorded the song, not Pat Benatar. You can practically feel the venom dripping from the words on the screen. What sort of bubblehead doesn't know that?

Still, I can't really sit comfortable with this scorn. Sure, I don't think her music is all that great, and sure, she didn't write it herself. (By the way, that's not even Mike Nesmith's real hat.) But when did we, as a nation, decide that the core values of rock'n'roll were proper respect for our elders and deep contemplation of our own lack of talent? John Lennon got to be bigger than Jesus; Britney should be happy to settle for being almost worthy of standing in the shadow of Joan freakin' Jett notPatBenatarthankyouverymuch.

After all, it's more than she deserves, right?

The kids aren't all right. They're all wrong, dammit, and that's what they're supposed to be. So we're all wild about Britney right now; so what? We were all wild about Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, too, and even about Nancy Sinatra back in the stone age before the discovery of fire and choreographers. We may laugh at Sum 41, but don't we remember how stung we were when someone asked why all those goddamn Pearl Jam songs sounded the same? And how, after we finished being stung, we realized that it's not like what those old people say matters anyway?

Besides, just wait twenty years. You'll read about how the current pop fluff girl wants to cover "Baby One More Time", because she thinks Christina Aguilera really had something to say underneath that perky beat. Your offended sensibilities will be avenged... for all that it matters to the kids.

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