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diaryland: entry for 2002-02-07 (23:46:00)
In which our plucky young hero hopes this isn't extraditable.

It's things like this which make me think I shouldn't even bother to renew my passport:

Sirilyan (11:37:57 PM): How's sunny

Ciannait (11:38:04 PM): rainy today :)

Sirilyan (11:38:15 PM): Still American, though?

Ciannait (11:38:27 PM): absolutely. :)

Sirilyan (11:39:11 PM): And, of course, there's $42 billion in aid waiting for weather control if rain ever gets declared part of an axis of evil.

Ciannait (11:39:31 PM): *lol*

Sirilyan (11:40:22 PM): "These inclement conditions - rain, snow, that dusky cloud cover that hurts your eyes when you look at it - have terrorized America for too long with their precipitation of mass destruction. Make no mistake, we will deal with them."

Ciannait (11:41:07 PM): *snort* i hate being in the US sometimes ;)

Sirilyan (11:41:35 PM): Just keep your eyes focused on the rich variety of theme restaurants.

Ciannait (11:41:52 PM): i'm waiting for someone to declare me a terrorist since i listen to middle eastern music

Sirilyan (11:43:04 PM): You're a terrorist, spreading terror everywhere you go with your terrorizing ways. You kill judges every day just for kicks, and kick puppies every day just for judgement.

Ciannait (11:43:34 PM): *rofl* that's me all right

Oh, wait, it's not a crime to mock the State of the Union.


(My inner socialist made me add that.)

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