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diaryland: entry for 2002-01-30 (01:20:00)
In which our plucky young hero got a really good value.

Twenty-one dollars plus tax and delivery got me a lot more than I bargained for tonight:

One huuuuuuuge lasagna, which promises to last for at least three more meals and I have officially dubbed The Big Lasagna,

one dozen chicken wings,

six pieces of garlic toast,

and thirty-two ounces of pop.

Other things I am thinking should also be called The Big Lasagna:

  1. A family board game for ages 8 to 88.
  2. Not the first tourist attraction that Armstrong, Iowa ever built, and not the last, but certainly the best. Kids will love a hilarious Lenny Lasagna t-shirt.
  3. A UPN sitcom. Tom Shales calls Mayim Bialik "the comedy find of the season".
  4. Some form of four-person novelty xylophone.

(I'm really hoping for the xylophone.)

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