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diaryland: entry for 2001-12-07 (02:35:00)
In which our plucky young hero should be paid for ideas like this.

And now, another half-baked idea as only I can yank 'em out of the oven before the caramelization is complete.

The ultimate in repackaging: MTV Time Warp.

Launching next year, MTV Time Warp is just a rebroadcast of everything that happened on MTV, exactly 21 years ago. It begins with the countdown and the astronaut with the MTV flag and proceeds in real time from there, only with new commercials.

Better and more immediate than VH1, complete with Remote Control reruns and Jon Stewart's first talk show (eventually, anyway). Who wants to listen to David Lee Roth reminiscing about snorting cocaine off a hooker's chest in Amsterdam when you can see it live? (I assume, of course, that David Lee Roth once snorted cocaine off a hooker's chest in Amsterdam and it was shown on MTV.)

Glory at the days MTV was nothing but pasty white English guys singing songs about asexual reproduction! Shiver as you watch the first veejay tryouts, knowing all along how it will end! Get caught up in the very first episode of The Real World! Remember why you actually gave a damn what Kennedy thought! Or at least try!

I mean, let's face it: if ESPN Classic can succeed, MTV TW is a shoo-in.

MTV Time Warp. Contact your cable or satellite provider now.

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