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diaryland: entry for 2001-11-13 (01:31:00)
In which our plucky young hero thinks it's his own fault if he won't buy food.

Time for a thought experiment, kids.

The guy down the road from you is an alcoholic. A bad one, a mean drunk. And when he gets drunk, he beats his kids mercilessly. You've seen them walking past your house on their way to school; one has a black eye, another one's got a limp, and you think a third one might actually be missing a finger. They're all hungry, too. You know damn well this drunk can feed his children, but he'd rather spend all his money on cheap booze that's no better than paint thinner, drink until the elephants come, and smash his kids' faces against the wall if they sass him.

In response, all of the liquor stores in town have decided to just plain stop selling him booze. They won't let him have a drop. Every time he tries to visit, they tell him that they'll be happy to sell him macaroni, or flour, or even frozen pizza to feed his kids, but from this day forward he's not getting a drop of alcohol from them.

In response, he just begins beating his kids even more, and tells anyone who'll listen that unless he gets to buy all the booze he wants, he'll start killing his children. Meanwhile, his house has a brand new large-screen TV that he bought with his food money, and you're pretty sure that cherry-red Ferrari in his front yard wasn't there last week.

Here's the question: if one of his kids should turn up dead of starvation, would you blame the liquor stores for not selling him the moonshine he needs to beat the holy hell out of his children properly, or would you blame that drunken asshole who cares more about his 52-inch television, new Italian sports car, and cheap potato vodka than about his children?

Got your answer?

Think about it while you read this.

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