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diaryland: entry for 2001-09-27 (19:21:00)
In which our plucky young hero was a stranger in a strange land.

I am back from Chicago, which was a rewarding business trip and a less rewarding personal trip. A few things that I thought were at least remotely likely turned out to have totally evaporated from under me, and a few things I thought I would do and enjoy just didn't turn out to be possible.

Work, though. Work was great! Big productivity and I learned a few new things too. I really do enjoy what I do for a living, no matter how much I may sometimes want to take the mocking glass face of the monitor and hit it hit hit hit the bastard and choke my fist on its glass not a code reference how's THIS for a code reference you little--

Yeah, I have occasional stress issues.

Chicago turned out to be chilly and I got rained on a lot, which is only to be expected, because I was on vacation. (While I was gone, Saskatoon had a week of 30-degree weather, bright and sunny, almost like summer had decided it didn't want to go on vacation after all. Now that I am back, I fully expect snow and tornadoes.) I also got lost, which is stunning. I picture a group of brain-damaged monkeys, cruelly locked in unlighted cages where they have nothing to eat and drink but bricks, liquor, and powerful hallucinogens. Even they couldn't get lost in Chicago, but I managed it.

(Side Remark Movie Review #314: After all that talk of abusing retarded monkeys with drugs, doesn't it feel like I just posted a spoiler for "Corky Romano"? It sounds like it'd fit right in the trailer, immediately after the midget kicking the guy in the face.)

I swear, sometimes I despair for finding my own living room while I'm lying in bed.

At least I got to see some improv comedy. I volunteered to tell a story, too, and had it used as the basis for the troupe acting out my worst nightmare. It was frighteningly accurate.

So. Flew out. Worked. Flew back. Home again. That's about it, I guess. I'll offer a better entry tomorrow.

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