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diaryland: entry for 2001-09-11 (22:10:00)
Untitled two. Updated once.

I've heard from as many people as I can think of who live in New York or Washington. They're all okay.

Part of me still wants to go to bed, because everything will reset itself overnight and in the morning we can go back to the 20th century concept of war, and not this 21st century nation-free variant. Part of me is very stupid.

It took months, and $700 million, to build the World Trade Center towers. It took almost an hour, and enough suicidal fanatics to hijack and pilot a plane, to destroy them.

Right now, people who are buried in the rubble of the collapsed towers are using their cell phones to tell people they're still alive down there. I hope they can be found, and rescued.

I wish they didn't work hard to find multiple angles for the collision of the second plane, so we can see it again and again and again, each time with better picture quality and more vivid flames. I wish I didn't have all the information I do right now.

I'm thousands of miles and a national border away from all of this, but I still feel the anger.

I've decided to turn on anything that isn't news. I don't care what it is. I want to spend time not learning more. The world will still be there in the morning, eager to educate me.

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