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diaryland: entry for 2001-09-05 (14:03:00)
In which our plucky young hero gotta move these refrigerators, gotta move these color teevees.

(Note added October 24: I've written a review of MTV Canada, and it ain't pretty.)

In two days, my cable company begins putting no fewer than thirty-one new channels on the dial.

I should be elated.

Instead, I am full of dread that this is just a prelude to yet another worthless rate hike. The channels which are going to be added are very unpromising - the only one I find even remotely desirable is BBC Canada. Of the rest, the only one I find interesting (though not desirable) is MTV Canada.

Yes, that's the "I want my" MTV "makes me wanna smoke crack" MTV. Finally Canadians will get to see thrilling programming like Real World (except, oops, it's already on Life Network), Road Rules (OLN), Daria (YTV), 2gether (MuchMusic), Tom Green (Comedy Network), Undergrads (Teletoon)...

But man, that Spyder Games sure looks nifty, don't it? I mean, it's like a soap opera, only they're all young and horny! Nobody's ever done that before! ("Aaron" spelling? Is that some kind of new phonics teaching method?)

The weird thing is that, yes, I am looking forward to it. The current MTV graphic design philosophy is sharp angles and boxes, and I am a sucker for sharp angles and boxes... CNN Headline News would have done well to steal away some of Viacom's design gurus, instead of getting their new look and feel from a careful study of Geocities cat picture sites and X10 popup ads. And I really want, just once in my life, to find out if Carson Daly really is the equal or superior of Rick The Temp when it comes to sheer unappeal.

Just think. If it weren't for the impending launch of MTV Canada, I'd have to try to get excited about MSNBC. And nobody wants that.

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