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diaryland: entry for 2001-08-05 (02:45:00)
In which our plucky young hero doesn't quite review, so much as mention.

Yes, yes, the Fringe.

So far, it has been a good Fringe. Many of the people whose plays I like have returned, especially those wacky English geniuses Screwed And Clued. I've only seen three items so far, all pretty damn good. Random highlights:

"There are four things that you cannot insure when you send them via Canada Post's ExpressPost: cash, jewelry, fragile items... and meat."

"The Crocodile Dentist now represents the capriciousness of drugs, petty tyranny, and lovers, all of which had come together to fuck me over in the past half hour."

And best of all Tomko, the hammered dulcimer guy is back for busking! Woohoo!

No devastatingly beautiful Australian girl, though. They can't all be home runs.

Quote of the day: "Remakes should always be twice as fast! It's not like we're waiting for the mystery of the song to unfold before us or anything. Been there, done that!" You rock, you.

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