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diaryland: entry for 2001-06-14 (20:07:00)
In which our plucky young hero makes Regrettable Food.

Lessons learned in Ye Olde Kitchenne today:

1. Do not fry the tofu in a frying pan as if it were meat. Whatever desperate vegetarians may claim, tofu is not like meat. It is anti-meat. If it were not anti-meat, it would fry properly instead of sticking to the pan and not smelling good.

2. Nonetheless, putting cubed tofu into my cheapass chili recipe instead of browned beef seems to work okay, as long as I have plenty of kidney beans to provide consistency. The only problem is that this is not something that looks like real food. It looks like styrofoam in ketchup. It looks like it has come straight out of the Gallery. Based on appearance alone, I have created something no person would feed to even the mangiest and hungriest of dogs without a pause for second thoughts.

3. I need some sort of tofu resource that doesn't want to spend all its time whining about the stupid carnivores that ruin everything because they're meat-eating bloody-handed stupidheads and if only they'd be vegetarians they'd see how stupid they all are the big stupids. (I'm not exaggerating, kids, when I say that this is the demeanour of all the tofu-focused sites I could find.) Any help? Anyone?

But at least I have gone another day without needing to groceryize. In its own way, isn't that a victory?

(Hint: No.)

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