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diaryland: entry for 2001-04-12 (05:24:00)
In which our plucky young hero explains the new meme.

Oh my god, Becky.

How the hell did Sir Mix-A-Lot get to be the new meme? I do not know, and yet, ten different people (I'm not kidding here) have used that very line around me in the past few days.

Look at her butt.

Does it make any sense that everyone around me should start quoting this song at the same time? Well, no. Nor does All Your Base, or even Mahir Cagri (remember him?). It Just Is.

She looks like one of those rap guy's girlfriends.

If I were, you know, paranoid, I'd suspect conspiracy. A wide-ranging conspiracy, one that crosses communities and nations and self-imposed gatherings. Instead, I think it's just a huge, freak-ass, cosmic coincidence.

Well, either that, or God is out to mess with my head.

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