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diaryland: entry for 2001-03-23 (21:10:00)
In which our plucky young hero contradicts himself.

The worm turns.

I know that just a few days ago I was convinced I'd go mad if I wasn't in a city. Now I'm not sure I'll stay sane unless I get out to the country for a while this summer.

Oh, I'm not talking about country country, don't get me wrong. I'm thinking of someplace homey, but homey in a tourist way. Someplace where, fine, I can go on an all-day hike through the woods, with the mountains at my back and fresh air clearing my lungs.

But only if I can come home to a nice mocha latte and good Italian food.

In particular, I know exactly where I wish I was right now: Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I've been there only once in my life, and my fondest memory of that whole day was sitting on the porch of the hostel, looking across the street at mountains that challenged the sky.

I could use that. A few days unwired (not wireless, unwired) to clear the mind. Fresh mountain air, hiking, maybe even drink in a little bit of the local history.

And if that fails, well, there's always Denver.

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