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diaryland: entry for 2000-12-12 (12:00:33)
In which our plucky young hero uses an old pop can, in a pinch.

Judge rolls pot growing charges, smokes law.

Okay, the first time was funny, but now they're just doing it on purpose.

Tomorrow's hed: Supremes rules on pot: will high court live up to its name?. You read it here first.

At least, that's what the entry originally said.

Since I wrote it, someone caught on and changed the headline, which now reads Judge says Ottawa should change 'absurd' pot law.

There's a (possibly) apocryphal story about information control in the old Soviet Union. A valued crony of one of the Soviet leaders, probably Stalin, fell out of favor with the Party. Shooting him wasn't sufficient; they decided to unperson him, removing him from every government document, photograph, news story, and book that they could.

All that remained of him, when they were done, was one picture of Stalin wearing a hat that had been loaned to him by the unfortunate crony, and a hole next to Stalin where, apparently, someone had once been standing.

So think of this entry as a Soviet hat: a small little proof that the past is not what the present makes it out to be, and even if you can trust everything you read, there's no guarantee it'll stay trustworthy.

(Of course, I could be lying.)

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