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diaryland: entry for 2000-11-13 (09:31:25)
In which our plucky young hero keeps himself regular.

I've just finished the latest for my Perl series, the installment on regular expressions. It was definitely the hardest yet to write - regexps are tricky little creatures, known for both power and subtlety. The article should be coming back to me shortly for revisions, and then, shortly afterward it'll be made to live. (Bwah ha ha ha.)

I got mail from an employee at Microsoft asking for some Perl and JavaScript help. That's just weird. That's just plain weird.

(Oh, and before you ask, of course I helped. Life's too short to hate people based on their email address.)

Late-breaking addition: I just realized I haven't mentioned what the weather is like right now, and I know that Saskatchewan weather thrills and astounds my millions of adoring fans. So... at the moment, the Weather Underground tells me it's partly cloudy and -13 Celsius. This is below the seasonal average, a balmy -10. Oh, and Environment Canada says that once you count wind chill, it feels like -23.

But it's a dry cold. A dry, cold, windy, cold cold. And a few weeks from now, I'll be wishing it was this warm....

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