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diaryland: entry for 2000-11-05 (16:20:31)
In which our plucky young hero didn't listen for school cancellations.

Fall is over.

I finally got decent sleep last night, even if I ended up going to bed far too early. (Wish me luck on this being a new habit.) I woke up shivering, and when I went to the window I saw that the ground had been dusted white. It's small-flake snow, which means it'll last for hours, but at least there won't be a lot of it.

I must be fair: by the standards of my childhood, there is never a lot of snow here. I'm used to foot-high snow that gets shoveled into shoulder-tall piles (or, if you prefer, twice-as-tall-as-a-kid piles), snow that thaws overnight and refreezes into ice-hard, totally slick, inch-thick shells over a fine powder. Out here, you just don't get snow like that. It's dust by comparison.

The -40 winters make up for it, though. And that's what I have to look forward to. Bah. I want fall back.

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