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diaryland: entry for 2000-10-14 (07:10:36)
In which our plucky young hero isn't dead, and thanks for asking.

I'm so clever, they should bottle me and only sell with proof of age:

* Sirilyan has writer's block. I can't even rant about the stuff that I rant about on demand today. :-)

* Austin_Ku pokes Sirilyan, not even Lisencing issues?

<Sirilyan> No, not even about the goddamn GPL that will destroy us all and leave us slaves to the invading space ants, or the BSD license that is the holy saviour of all humanity and gives great oral sex on demand.

<Sirilyan> But I think I could crank out a few hundred words about the MPL, which will destroy us all by giving us great oral sex, and then let the space ants only take over a small nation like Iceland.

Now aren't you sorry I'm updating again?

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