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diaryland: entry for 2000-08-23 (12:21:59)
In which our plucky young hero updates an earlier story.

And now, a collection of updates on loose ends in my life.

With regard to the highly respected company, things appear to be progressing. Nothing yet has come to actual contracts or agreements or even vigorous handshakes, but I am optimistic.

The comic, money-wise and publicity-wise, continues to go at its usual pace. This means that I am not kicking it up a notch, as they say on that show that comes on before Iron Chef. I am trying to get my own life in order before I try to get the lives of our characters in order. One exception is Broken By Design, which I am happy to report continues its slow but steady progress through the hierarchy of approval. (As opposed to Maslow's hierarchy, on which I'm afraid comics don't even really place.)

My work (which I don't talk about a lot here, so no link) picks up. I have done some good stuff over the past two or three days, and I have more good stuff in me to do. I am pleased with this fact. I am obviously not as skilled a programmer as I would like to be, but I'm just as obviously much better than I was a year ago or even six months ago. This pleases me.

And soon I'm going to be traveling again. Yay! I love travel. I love it both for not being in this city (a prime reason to be sure) and for the fact that I really have more friends in other places than I do where I live. Now I just need to get back to the States for a while; Chicago, probably. Or Denver.

Oh, and as for sleep patterns: I'm sleeping just fine lately. Thanks for asking.

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