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diaryland: entry for 2000-08-11 (22:39:55)
In which our plucky young hero laughs at BGCOLOR.

Raw technology always beats design stupidity. I found someone else in the DL member directory who has a thing against Netscape under Linux (it's the best mainstream Web browser for the platform, a leader in a field of one, and yes I know but no it won't). But the twice-damned member directory here uses the same color of link for visited and unvisited links, so I had no idea who it was. Until I had my Clever Idea.

Edit, Preferences, Colors, Override document colors, look through entire goddamn directory one letter at a time to find this place I'd already been no matter how oh there it is.

I rule.

And on a completely different topic, I present a song I heard performed by a folk group from the village where I went (briefly) to university:

Something something something something
Vous �tes bienvenus en Clare.

Thank you, CDs are available at the merch table.

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