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diaryland: entry for 2000-08-09 (00:01:57)
In which our plucky young hero is very high in calcium.

I'm only gonna say this once: I'm gonna fight the system from within the system.

For some reason I've taught myself to like soy beverage. And not just any soy beverage, no sir, I have taught myself to like So Good Absolutely Vanilla Fortified Soy Beverage. (Doesn't that sound like one of those bad translation from the Japanese? I feel like I should use it to wash down Very Lucky Cracker With Snack Food Top Element.)

I find that "absolutely vanilla" is amusing, but the most amusing thing is on the side of the carton: So Good fortified soy beverage...can be used as a nutritionally adequate alternative to 2% M.F. milk.

Ponder that.

Nutritionally adequate.

What, someone else had already trademarked "insufficiently toxic", and they had to scramble for new ad copy before the deadline?

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