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diaryland: entry for 2000-08-03 (15:54:55)
In which our plucky young hero never sends postcards to his friends.

It's Vancouver, and I'm hearing the steam clock sing and standing next to it is someone I care deeply about. Later we'll miss a turn, and not get to take a picture on a beach.

It's Toronto, and we're singing in the cold in front of a palace. Pedestrians wonder why we're not the usual crowd for the place, and why we're singing, and most importantly why the idiot who can't sing, nonetheless is.

It's Austin, and as I pass through the door of my hotel room the temperature goes from 110 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees, and I swear I can feel the sweat on my arms crystallizing at the temperature interval.

It's somewhere in New Jersey, and we're not going to Cheesequake.

It's Manhattan, and I've decided to catch a taxi back to LGA, and the cabbie who picks me up has an actual goddamn Brooklyn accent. But he still doesn't believe that in a parliamentary system, Ross Perot would have held the balance of power in 1992.

It's Chicago, and I'm told I was really drunk.

It's Fort Collins, and I can't tell which building it is.

It's Edmonton, and she's the most beautiful waitress I've ever seen.

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