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diaryland: entry for 2000-07-22 (07:56:42)
In which our plucky young hero lets your imagination run wild.

The following entry, by the time you are done filling in the blanks, will be 8000 words long.

(Begin with an impassioned defense of abundance economics. Phrases like "post-Napster economy" and "abundance economics" are used despite their total lack of meaning. Include several analogies which can be picked apart by a first-year economics student, a skilled reader of the daily newspapers of our fine continent, or an especially clever primate. Blatantly refuse to offer email address to which dissection of bad analogies can be directed.)

(Digress for about eight pages. The topic is pizza [excess thereof] and the mitigating fact that even in excess local pizza is rather good, unless one considers the fact that tomatoes cause stomach lining to flake off and burn like birchbark under a torch.)

(Having spent eight pages ranting about pizza and the digestive and self-esteem problems caused by pizza, return to hopeful speculation about the future of online comic strips, because it's always fun to make lots of money. Note that this ties in with the aforementioned "post-Napster economy" and "abundance economics" and "tooth fairies".)

(Mention, for the two or three people in my life who haven't heard the popularity rant yet, that there is nothing wrong with being a wealthy, well-paid artist whose work is adored by millions. Laugh, in a very impolite way, at people who think that popularity implies a lack of quality or requires selling out. Suggest that there should be a word, similar to "sheeple", for those who will abandon their own value judgements simply because something they like has become popular.)

(Insert casual, almost breathtakingly rude dismissal, similar to last entry's "Resume your dreary business.")

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