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diaryland: entry for 2000-07-20 (03:46:42)
In which our plucky young hero offers nothing but the very essence of his soul.

Looks like soon I'll be doing some more work for a company that I respect. I mean, really respect. This, of course, means that I am jinxing it by even hinting at mentioning it anywhere. But I will take the chance.

I have to do some serious planning about where I want to be, both physically and professionally, by the end of the year. I intend both to be better than they are now, but it would help if I didn't spend most of my days feeling totally fatigued. This is one of those self-fulfilling, self-spiralling problems, for the cheaply-appropriate response to feeling more fatigued is to do less, which reduces your ability to do more, which means that you gradually become more and more fatigued. Or something. It is 4am and if you expect great literature I am both willing and happy to disappoint you.

I have several ideas for things I want to do with the content I control, and all of them look equally viable. None of them look like they will secure millions of dollars in venture capital, but then, that may be a good thing.

After I finish this entry I will have to edit it to remove the extremely poor formatting that Diaryland shoves down my throat. I find that comical and sad.

There are at least three people I like right now who don't know I like them. And I promise that if you're one of them, I'll admit it if you ask me directly.

That is all. Resume your dreary business.

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