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diaryland: entry for 2000-07-01 (04:07:20)
In which our plucky young hero suffers a setback, but if you don't already know what the setback is you're pretty much lost, so just smile and nod.

Okay, so I'm gonna need to work a little. But at least I've got a bit of advance notice. And I have some bold plans for the future.

Will Write For Food. Long as it's good food.

My television habits have gone all to hell lately. I've given up on American news channels, and even on CTV NewsNet. It's all cartoons, except that I admit Survivor intrigues me. It probably shouldn't, but I refuse to care.

When did Teletoon start showing infomercials? And why did we just go along with the infomercial industry when they did their Jedi mind wave and told us "Oh no, they're not half-hour commercials that are taking up time that could be spent on old syndicated programming. They're infomercials. You learn while you buy!"

Not that old syndicated programming is necessarily all that great. Knight Rider was a lot more fun when I was young and all I needed in my television could be summed up by the phrase Talking Car. Damn you, WGN.

Goddammit, next someone will tell me there isn't really a Santa.

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