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diaryland: entry for 2000-06-30 (06:35:28)
In which our plucky young hero doesn't feel so young or so plucky, and probably shouldn't be awake right now.

Yet another sleepless jag to get some work done. I've got some good work done and more to do today... article to finish first draft (not too difficult), scripts to write for the article (ow, gotta write and test), scripts to install for beta test, rollout to plan and then execute. Want to do a lot today because I'm the sort of person who considers the end of the month to be the perfect time to pull an all-nighter.

Comic just finished the publicity binge. Think we've picked up a few hundred readers. Soon we'll hit the magic number and approach Flycast or Engage or whatever they're called now.

I eat too much pizza and too few oranges. Gonna buy oranges today. They're like little juicy balls of crack cocaine, once you get yourself used to them again. Wanna start that jonesing again. It'll beat the hell out of caffeine headaches.

Damn, it's bright out right now. Sky starts lightening at 4am these days. Better appreciate it before we're in winter again and sunrise doesn't happen until 9 or 10.

I shouldn't even be updating this anyway. I can write my own log scripts. And I will. But not now. I'm tired and the sun is in my eyes.

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